SDSPL provides in-depth experience and expertise in consulting, implementing and supporting all industry-standard solutions and services.

We offer Reliable IT Hardware for evolving professional applications

We provide Amc Service unmatched by ordinary TPMs and even the OEMs

Our eWaste Management offers comprehensive, and responsible recycling

System Integration Services


Our upper echelons OEM partnerships with top IT hardware and software Manufacturers like HPE, Dell, Lenovo, Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Redhat, Cisco, NETRACK, as well as assembled hardware such as (Tyan, SuperMicro, Intel gives us an edge for value deliveries.

As an Systems Integrator we support you to future proof your IT ecosystem making it easy to Build, Adapt, Scale and thus enabling Measurable ROI and business benefits.

Our portfolio includes end-to-end solutions to your IT needs addressing from passive networking to Testing & FAT and till BAU. We are known for our complex systems integration projects.

Our customer attrition rate is almost null, which is an accolade in itself. Improved customer satisfaction and Improved customer retention is always goal. Corporate sales- Our end to end IT solutions and supply module has been our major strength, right from inception stage to business as usual stage and asset recovery makes us the number one choice with our clients.

We have successfully have carved a name with major Corporate companies and it
goes to prove our competency since we have retained the clients for years.

Managed Services and Support


Design, Installation, Configuration & Management has been our forte our team are certified in HPE Master ASE – Compute, Storage and Network Architect Certifications, Aruba Certified – in Edge, Switching, Design expert Certifications. Microsoft Certifications- Microsoft Dynamics 365- Microsoft Power Platform- Microsoft Azure.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) , IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundation, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), CompTIA A+, AWS Certification, VMware certification are few of the technical Certification we posses.

IT support certifications gives us an professional edge and keep us relevant in the process and the same helps us keep our client productive and their organizations secure using skills and knowledge backed by the best certifications and the best remote support tools and technologies.

We offer AMCs and CMCs covering entire IT hardware portfolio.

IT Manpower services – We offer a gamut of IT staffing solution be it IT Helpdesk, Project Management, affordable Onsite Staffing, consulting services for companies of all sizes on short term and long term contracts.

Refurbished servers and IT equipment available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our site gives you the convenience of sourcing your need, and We pride ourselves on our capability to support our Clients with proprietary Servers, Storages 6- Spares from HPE, DELL, IBM, Lenovo, Super Micro, Cisco, Intel, NetApp and Customized Solutions/ Architecture not limiting to the mentioned list.

E-Waste Management & Asset Recovery


Our Asset Recovery program involves idle asset identification, surplus asset disposition, Internal redeployment, investment recovery specialisation.

Companies in the asset recovery business can sometimes be referred to as liquidators or as asset recovery specialists or a similar name. An asset recovery company will purchase the equipment at a
discounted price and either resell it for a profit or sell it on behalf of the asset owner for either a commission or a fee.

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a term for electronic products that have become unwanted, nonworking or obsolete, and have essentially reached the end of their useful life.

As per E-waste Rule 2016, the E waste defined as ‘electrical and electronic equipment, whole or in part discarded as waste by the consumer or bulk consumer as well as rejects from manufacturing, refurbishment and repair processes.

Sheeltron Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd. is having all authorization related e-waste dismantling from KPCB/CPCB and having all permissions related to Air/Water/Hazardous waste. We have a capacity of 360 MT per Annum.

M/s. Sheeltron Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd. if any customer wants to handover their old product they can reach or call us on Toll Free No 1800 4193 770. Our representatives explain them about process of disposal and make them aware about nearest drop point available to drop the e-waste also give information about incentive we will offer to them against their end-of-life product.

If any customer wants to handover the material from their door steps we do send either our logistics team or M/s. Sheeltron Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd. team to collect the items and channelize the same to our e-waste partner plant for final processing.

Laptops and IT Products, Accessories


Sheeltron, India’s leading refurbishment center, offers an impressive range of used and refurbished laptops, desktops, and accessories to customers seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. By carefully selecting and refurbishing pre-owned devices from top brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, and ASUS, Sheeltron ensures that customers have access to reliable, high-performance products at a fraction of the cost of brand new devices.

Recognizing the growing demand for affordable computing solutions, Sheeltron has established a rigorous refurbishment process. Each used laptop and desktop undergoes thorough testing, cleaning, and upgrading, if necessary, to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Moreover, all refurbished products come with a warranty, providing customers with peace of mind and confidence in their purchase.

In addition to used and refurbished laptops and desktops, Sheeltron also offers a variety of pre-owned accessories and peripherals, including Monitors, Graphics Cards, Internal & External HDD, and Webcams. Each accessory is carefully inspected and tested to meet the high standards customers have come to expect from Sheeltron.

By providing access to affordable, top-quality used and refurbished devices, Sheeltron helps bridge the digital divide, making technology more accessible to a broader audience. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, quality products, and outstanding service positions Sheeltron as a trusted source for pre-owned laptops, desktops, and accessories in the market.

Rental & Leasing


We Sell, Rent and Lease HPE, Dell, Lenovo, Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Redhat, Cisco, NETRACK, products to houses, IT Companies, MNC’s, Bank’s, etc, throughout India and overseas. We offer SERVERS / NETWORK products rental based on your Requirements.

Associating with major OEM’s and through our Asset recovery services, we hold stock of latest and refurbished models of PCs, laptops, Servers, storage, spares and other IT equipment. This enables us to service you at fastest turnaround time and huge quantity supply for rental or leasing. Our engineers/ workforce capacity empowers us setup plug to play workstation along with VDI and remote working at shortest time possible.

We are completely equipped with products and workforce to cater to your OPEX needs.
During pandemic we supported most of our client on this model and successfully setup their workforce for remote working which ran into 10K Plus numbers which goes on to say our capacity to setup any number on OPEX mode.

There is dearth of Enterprise products rental n leasing in the existing market and we have been providing the same from years. Our vast stock of servers, storage, networking products can help clients for testing, R&D, short term projects without the burden of purchasing the same.

Channel Sales and Distribution


Under our Channel sales model we bring across and connect major OEMs so that you can enjoy built-in trust, increased efficiency, rapid testing and experimentation, and increased customer success. We are by partnering are completely aligned with the market.

We are now most trusted business transforming their channel processes to ensure optimal
performance. Being in this vertical enables us for Top virtual selling, cross-selling strategy, adopt ecosystems, industry focus, Cloud, IT security continue to reshape and keeps us equipped.

Our offerings on distribution acts as an intermediary between vendors and value-added resellers, provision for demo equipment, flexible discounts. Our strategic approach which incorporates storage at warehouses, distribution points, shipping, and delivery.