Who are we?

We Are More Than IT Reseller

We shine through the market for being Client / Customer centric mindset that is embedded throughout our businesses. We partner with you to achieve your ROI goals.

We have our unique business culture which is as organic as possible with employees, customers, and other factors put together to align with our vision and values.

We have evolved from personal computers trading company to integrated contender across all platforms being innovative led and technology-driven. Our consistency has allowed us to thrive for 30 glorious years.

At Sheeltron Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd. (SDSPL)

We offer a vast range of IT products, IT solutions and tailored services through a wide gamut of technology verticals. Our enterprise portfolio offers Server & Storage, Networking, Cyber security, Cloud and AI-driven Technology.

We Rent & Lease, We do AMCs & CMCs, and We supply and integrate Client Hardware equipment, devices, hardware, or other tangible materials including printers, PCs, workstations, and Notebooks.

Our Business Vision

Business has always been a passion for us we conduct it with pleasure and fervour, we derive our success from effectively meeting the ever changing technology driven needs of our clients. Equipped with a strong organizational culture we foresee a 1000 Crore benchmark achievement in near future.

Our Business Values

Our guiding principles and fundamental beliefs always placed emphasis on an organic approach towards business ethics. We believe and profess Integrity, Accountability, Diligence, Perseverance and Discipline.

Our Journey

We were incorporated in 1990 as Sheeltron Systems Pvt Ltd while those were the times when businesses were all about money.

For us success was to build a reputable chain of business, with a very organic approach. Running the show with perpetually evolving industry, challenging processes, need for learn on the job, adherences and adaptability to crashes taught us to not only survive but thrive till now.

  • Successful Orders 98% 98%
  • Customer Satisfaction 95% 95%
  • Customer Retention 90% 90%

We adopted an ethical approach and we conducted it with gusto and pleasure. As the IT industry grew with its various approaches like the direct model or the channel model our strength of adaptability paved a path towards our journey.

It is said that businesses are conducted and are grown in the board rooms however our business modules grew from team work, we always believed in collaborative ideas that’s why we emphasize the phrase organic approach.

As the 90’s were left behind the IT world became more agile with newer systems and processes in practice, we went on a spree to sign up with all the major OEMs and steered clear of the greymarket activities.

We acquired new accounts, our exposure and capability to cater to corporate companies grew leaps and bounds.

As OEM partnerships tier were getting scaled up our company  was  being referred  to MNCs and bigger corporates ; thus putting us on the market as most sought after and recommended Systems Integration company in the industry.

We sought digital transformation as an opportunity to reshape our business, We aligned our operating model with new business models in the 2010s we added managed services, rental services, channel sales, distribution and vast portfolio of software integration services and signed up with relevant OEMs.

Our Team

Renewing and reinforcing good workplace practices can make a big difference to productivity as well as well-being of the company this can create a powerful, secure, and agile infrastructure.

Our best practices – Apt recruitments, Ample communication. Regular briefings, communication from many levels. Cross-trainings so team can fill in for one another, Goal clarity. Measurement of results and impact, Empowerment of people at lower levels to make quick decisions Broad purpose. An emphasis on mission and values that drive the company and how employees can contribute.

We have the best employee retention statistics till date.

Having named the company after one of the directors mother, true to this nature the company has employed maximum women employees possible in all levels and departments. The company has groomed many women employees who went on to excel even after moving out.

Any special occasions one can find ex employees joining the celebrations and events which goes to say a lot about us.

Equal opportunities are given to employees for trainings and certifications, incentivising their achievements.